Kamera Content: Nytt viktigt avtal!

"Kamera and AP Digital renew online and mobile content contract.

Kamera, the Stockholm-based online and mobile provider, has extended its agreement to produce, package and distribute video content from The Associated Press to mobile and online platforms worldwide.

The Associated Press and Kamera have been working together since 1998, and the contract renewal with AP Digital, AP's commercial online division, extends the relationship until 2010. Kamera distributes TV content to more than 25 mobile networks and 30 online video customers in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America.

Kamera's advanced technical platform enables it to package and deliver time-sensitive AP material to its network of online and mobile partners, versioning and customising content to suit different platforms and cultures. The entertainment service WOW!TV, available as a live streamed channel or as a clip service, has been picked up by more than 25 operators and is offered in a wealth of languages, including Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, English, French and German. Kamera also works with AP to provide its extensive online marketplace APTNvideo.net, through which broadcasters and online customers can access and acquire video content.

Henrik Eklund, CEO of Kamera, said: "Over the last eight years Kamera has developed a great relationship with AP, in which our individual strengths combine to create a very powerful offering. For the next few years I expect our business to expand massively as the online and mobile TV markets boom."

"Kamera's expertise in online video technology has helped AP move quickly into new digital markets for video news around the world, while maintaining our leadership position covering global news in all formats

-- text, images, audio and video -- for all our media customers," said Jane Seagrave, AP's vice president for new media markets."
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