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"Kamera’s WOW! TV partners with Joost™

Kamera’s online entertainment channel WOW! TV, will be available on Joost

WOW! TV, which will be available in nine different languages, from 1 March 2007, is one of the first channels available on Joost (www.joost.com).

By clicking on to WOW! TV, from the Joost platform, viewers around the globe will be able to watch the latest entertainment news and gossip, in broadcast quality from their PC.

Joost, formerly known as The Venice Project, is the first global TV distribution platform, bringing together advertisers, content owners and viewers in an interactive, community-driven environment.
Henrik Eklund, CEO of Kamera, said, “We’re delighted to have signed this deal with Joost. Not only does it give our viewers a better experience with high quality video in an easy-to-use interface, but we also expect to reach a massive audience.”

“Kamera is an excellent partner for Joost,” said Fredrik de Wahl, chief executive officer of Joost. “The quality and the breadth of programming available on Kamera’s WOW! TV is well suited to our audience, who are seeking high-quality, professionally produced entertainment.”

WOW! TV will be available free of charge for the viewers. Advertising is sold by Joost and the revenues are shared between Kamera and Joost.

Content distributor Kamera works with the world’s leading news agency Associated Press to fast-track time-sensitive, localised online and mobile video news material. Kamera’s entertainment news channel, which is available in nine languages including Mandarin, English, Spanish, German and Russian, has been a major success for Kamera and is currently carried by over 40 web sites and mobile operators worldwide."

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